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beyondCXcycling LLC
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Telling a story that's beyond bikes

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Since its creation in 2015, beyondCXcycling has been about telling a story. I started as a privateer, cobbling together a program with folks who shared my belief that I could make an impact in the cycling world. Racing on a shoe string, supported and invested in by amazing people, and driven by a passion and focus to reach the top levels of the sport. 

In 2016, the outline of the story was to make good on those investments, bring on new partners, and step into the realized vision of this program. Top 5’s, podiums, wins, Europe, worlds team - the dream was big. And it had a great foundation to build from: 100% focus on cross, a podium in the Sea Otter Classic in April 2016, higher power training numbers than ever, and moving to the geographic hotbed of cyclocross. The outline was looking great, then the story took a sharp left turn.  

In August, only a few weeks before the UCI opener, an innocuous crash in training turned out to be anything but. Since then, the resulting Traumatic Brain Injury has started a new chapter with beyondCX p/b Ascent Bicycle Studio. 

Goals of top 5’s quickly seemed petty compared to the goal of being able to make breakfast. Being able to leave a dark quiet room and do anything without suffering headaches, nausea, and dizziness became the dream goals. The new reality also included a sharp decline in cognitive function; things that used to be an afterthought now take too much effort for my brain. 

This continuing story is a challenge to the name, "beyondCX".  This is now so much bigger than cyclocross. This is beyond pedaling bikes around in a field. While I don’t know the exact outline of this next chapter, I am going to attack it with the same amount of perseverance, fight, and grit that it took to get to the UCI level.  And I’m humbled and proud to have the support of beyondCX p/b Ascent Bicycle Studio and its partners to help in the narrative. 



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Crosshairs Radio

I had the chance to sit down with Bill of and talk about the team and what's been going off the bike. Please give it a listen. [HERE}




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