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GP Gloucester Day 2

16th place Clement LAS 31/3 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette https://www.strava.com/activities/401840593/

Cyclocross is fun right? Something I lose sight of when I try and focus on my races, is the race itself. Today, I made it a point to enjoy the race that is the GP Gloucester, instead of being stuck in the 4:00-5:00 part of the GP Gloucester. I rolled through the race with a camera and open eyes and actually had fun! There were some awesome vendors, food trucks, and a coffee stand. The coffee was very impressive, given the setup and the atmosphere. (Middle of a dusty field, connected to a generator, serving in paper cups). The espresso was nice an fruity and had a surprising depth. Kudos guys.

SRAM Chicane with all the vendors in the background.

During the pre-ride laps, I was doing laps on the SRAM Chicane, waiting to drop in again when I heard “Look at that, that kit is nice”. Are you talking about my kit?!?! They were! It felt good to have a few strangers appreciate a kit that I helped design. It was a great confidence boost, because 90% of cycling is looking good. So big shout out to Cutaway for helping me design a kit that at least 3 people are into. 

This is Heidi, she is amazing. Thanks for liking the kit!

Ive had the opportunity to race on the latest and greatest, modern carbon frames, and loved them. But this season, there have been so many times when someone goes “YEAH RITCHEY!” or “GO RITCHEY!” “ SICK BIKE”. That never happened last year. Its such a boost to have people dig your equipment and make it a point to yell it at you. Having others appreciate the finer things like a steel bike. Neo Classic. Another shout out to Ritchey for giving people a reason to yell at me in races. 

Ritchey Magic

And my race went pretty well too. A less than optimal start had me deep in the 40s, breathing dust and going into turns literally blind. But I was upright and motivated. The rest of the race was riding as hard as I could, and having the legs to respond and go from group to group. I raced for 67 minutes and was able to push the whole time. Next, I need to put together a good start with legs like that. Watch out when that happens.

The gallery below features photo's I took.

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