Gloucester Day 1

Dust Bowl!

24th place Clement LAS 32/33 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette

Its always so hard to get these written before bed. Getting everything settled, food, shower, wound care, after finishing the race at 5.  Woof. BUT for you, yes you, Im knocking this out. 

Reflecting on the race in the hotel provided by Saw Armor is a great way to unwind. Im gonna name drop real quick. Jeremy Powers, Ryan Trebon, Curtis White, Lucas Winterberg, Ben Berden, Kerry Werner all on the start line. Its pretty crazy to be on the same start line as these guys. During my course preview, I was able ride part of a lap with Powers. It was pretty cool to see where he makes the time in the corners, he is pretty fast. 

I was able to stay with my KBS teammate Andy in NYC. I rode down the Hudson river to see some of the beautiful skyline. I really want to spend some time there when I don't have to be ready to race the next day. Traffic from New York had me running late getting to the race, making the warmup, course recon, number pinning etc squeezed into half the time I normally set aside. 

A decent start had me in the 30s, but more importantly through the crashes and upright myself. Slowly I was able to work my way into the top 20, just off a big group containing 13-18 .In my desperation to make it up there, I slid out in a loose corner, breaking a brake lever and flatting in the process. Fell back to 27th after pitting, then worked back to 24th, getting out sprinted by Adam Meyerson. 

Tomorrow should be another fast race and I am excited to give it everything tomorrow. Hoping to snag a few photos as well. 

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