A$$ over Tea kettle

Quaker City Cross

3rd place Clement LAS 29/30 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette. https://www.strava.com/activities/396793387

Here is the bulleted race report. 

Course: Bumpy doesn't even come close to describing the ground. Chundery? Blown out? Unsmooth? It was rough out there. 

  • Holeshot.
  • Passed by Cam Dodge doing mach 4, hold wheel, ready to race.
  • Fall down on high speed, off camber chicane. Get passed by lots of people. Bike is fine, resume race.
  • Fall down again 30 seconds later. More people pass.
  • Curse.
  • Get on with the race.
  • Pass everyone except 2 people. 
  • Get 3rd.

The race was what it was. Had good legs, but had to use them to chase in no mans land for the whole race. But way more important than the 60 min of racing was rekindling my love for the cyclocross culture. First, I got to travel in style with my buddy Ben in his 24 foot Winnebago. What up Sven Nys? Second, everyone at the race was there having a good time, and so so positive toward everyone racing. Third, everyone made the best of the day. While there was a lot of grumbling and decent among the riders, we all still lined up, pedaled our bikes as hard as we could and cyclocross happened. And thats what it's all about right? 


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