Get after it!

Town Hall CX

2nd place. Clement LAS 28/29 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette.

I had planned on finishing my last races on my road bike this weekend in Boston, but the races didn't work out, so I scrolled through to see if there were any local cross races to jump into. The closest was up in Bethlehem PA. 3.5 hour drive? Kinda far. WAY shorter than Boston, so I loaded up my Civic (with new bike racks, so stoked) and hit the road. 

Yesterday's course was in the bottom of a geographic funnel. No matter which way you went from the start line, including the roads to warm up up, was uphill. The main feature on the course was a 2.5 minute climb called St. Luke's Staircase which had 7, yes, 7 switchbacks. Then descend down, flat bit on the bottom, repeat. 

Since it was my first PACX race, I was on the back row of 5, looking forward at the start as Cameron Dodge took off like a rocket, immediately gaining 10 seconds on the field. It took a whole lap to finally work my way up to 3rd, 25 seconds off Dodge and 10 seconds behind Walton Brush (MASH, Cinelli). I slowly reeled in Brush and together we set off to catch Dodge. With 3 to go, I laid it down in a slow turn, giving Brush a gap, and once I reconnected, we saw Dodge was too far away to reach. Our penultimate time the Staircase, the tension was building. Who was going to attack first? Nothing that time. Last time up the stairs, still together. (Un)fortunately Brush slid out in a corner with 3 min left in the race, so that decided the podium. 

Happy with the legs and excited to race later today at Quaker City Cross with my main man Ben Anemone. Rumor has it we are bringing the camper! So pro. Thanks again to everyone who makes the wheels spin under me. I am so grateful and can't wait to get on that top step for you guys!

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