Nittany Day 1

Mud, Slippery Mud. 

Gonna make this short and sweet. It started to rain at 11:00 and made the course nice and slippery by the time we started 2:15. The hard work last year chasing UCI points netted me a second row start. I lined up next to Wieste Bosmans, the eventual race winner. Not only was this my first CX race this season, it was the first time racing in the mud nice Nationals in January. Definitely was a sharp wakeup. 

I rode my Clement PDX's front and rear with 25/26 psi. Chainring on the CX1 was a 42 and I rolled an 11-32 cassette. It was my first time racing the Ritchey Steel at speed, and I was amazed at how well the bikes rode. 

After the hectic start, it became clear that the fastest way around the course was going be going slow enough to not fall. It took me awhile to figure that out as in my excitement, I spent a good amount of time on the ground. But fortunately, I had Myles in the pit, really doing a great job keeping the bikes dialed in the hectic pit of a UCI race. 

I rolled in somewhere around 15th and had such a fantastic time. Tomorrow is another day and I will be fighting hard for a top 10. 

Myles and I are now relaxing in the hotel (thanks Saw Armor!) and I am going over the footage and data from today. Thanks for reading and check in tomorrow night for a recap of day 2!

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