For a few weeks, I've been trying to figure out how to write this blog post. As a bike racer, I have a good idea of what needs to be done to get ready for racing this fall. It comes with a lot of "hard" work, but its mostly in my control. I control how long I ride, the quality of the rides, what I eat, how much I sleep etc etc etc. It's familiar. It's comfortable. I get out what I put in. There is this other half of starting a team that is scary and uncomfortable and unfamiliar. 

Asking for help. 

My amazing friends, Nicole and Scott Davison have put a lot on the line for this team. Ritchey Logic, Cutaway Clothing, Paul Components and Cane Creek have stepped up in a huge way to make sure I am on the flyest bikes possible. And I am so so grateful. But as we move forward, the reality of getting to and paying for this dream is getting daunting and it seems like a huge mountain to overcome. 

Forgive the cycling analogy, but the only way to climb a mountain is to start by kitting up. Break it down, start from the beginning and take small, tangible steps. Kit's on, now shoes. Then bottles, then swing leg over the bike and start pedaling toward the mountain. All of a sudden you are at the base of the climb, instead of stuck on the couch, overwhelmed to the point of inactivity. 

Enter Thunderclap

What is Thunderclap? Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. If we reach our supporter goal, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr post from all of you who support, creating a wave of attention. Basically, you donate the click of a button and in 15 days from this post, the message will be spread to all of your friends and followers. 

Why Thunderclap?

While you may not be able to donate money to the project (feels weird to even to ask) you can donate your media reach. You may have a friend of a friend who has a boss who really vibes with our project and would want to support. Without the Thunderclap, they might not be reached. Help us turn up the volume of our message of healthy living, healthy lifestyle and the pursuit of a dream. So please, please, please consider donating your social media for a single post. This could have a much bigger impact that any of us thought possible. 

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