Knock knock, who's there? beyondCX rocks!

It's finally here! For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to beyondCX! For those of you who know us, we did it. We actually did it! What started as a hypothetical, "what if?" has turned into something tangible and wonderful and very, very real.

What is beyondCX? It is a cyclocross team based in Northern Virginia. It consists of riders who love their bikes, love the sport and love being a little unexpected. Collectively, they want to inspire people to be the most epic version of themselves. Why beyond? Because we want to be the drop of the stone in the ocean…the small ring on the surface that turns into a ripple…reaching the far shores. We’re beyond age, beyond gender, beyond convention, beyond our wildest dreams of what was possible.

This amazing adventure wouldn’t happen without support. We’ll be riding the steel Ritchey Swiss Cross, decked out with a full Ritchey Cockpit and wheels, the incredibly efficient CX1 drive train by SRAM, and stopping power will be provided by uber-classy Paul Components brakes. Cutaway clothing, a Virginia company, is responsible for the amazing kits and designs, making the team the best dressed on course.

But we won’t be all dressed up with no place to go. We’ll be hitting the country’s top courses and most competitive races to challenge the notion that you have to be a cog in the machine to compete at the highest level of the sport. Our goals? UCI podiums, followed by a top-ten finish at Nationals. Most importantly, we want to have fun, stay happy and healthy and share our adventures with you, every race, every weekend.

Just like life, racing doesn’t come cheap. We’ll have entry fees, equipment maintenance, gas, lodging and food to keep us fueled. Want to support us? Well, you rock. Drop us a line and let us know how you’d like to be a part of our adventure.

As the season gets closer, keep an eye out for our weekly blog, videos and pictures. Follow us on your favorite social media channels. IG/beyondcxrocks Twitter/beyondcxrocks But for now, we leave you with this; #crossiscoming. Are you ready?