Enter Sandman

NBX Day 1 

Fourth place. Clement MXP Front and Rear 31/32 psi. 42 tooth Chainring, 11-32 Cassette

After three days of solid rain down in DC, I was seriously concerned about having tires. My shipment of tires was late, so a frantic call to the internet had some awesome people step up and help me get some awesome tires. BUT the rain didn't reach up to Warwick so fortunately I didn't have to use them. But a big shout out to Robert Marion, Dawn Graham and Tim Willis for stepping up and making sure I was taken care of. The Cyclocross community is amazing. Im so honored to be involved in a sport where your competitors want to make sure you can get to the race. 

Last year, I really struggled with this course. Roots, sand, and a long run on the beach make this course very technically challenging. This year had significantly better weather, sunny, 50’s. My awesome hosts introduced me to Tom of Providence Bikes who ran support in the pits for me. A solid pre-ride on Friday, and lots of motivation had my stoke high to really rip it. 

My strategy was to ride my own race, my own lines and not flatting! The roots on the course are brutal and the best way to not get a result is flatting. Fast start, settle in the top 10. Passing, running, closing on the top 5. Chain dropped, lost 20 seconds and had to fight over the next few laps to try and make up for lost time. In the final lap, I was closing in on 4th place. A big dig on the sand run brought me on the wheel of 4th. With only a half lap to go, I had to make a pass to get in front before the short finish. But a hesitation saw my chance slip away. Up the road, there was a wreck that saw 3rd needing to pit. So that slid me up to forth! 

All in all a good day. Tomorrow, I hope to be at the sharp end of the race instead of chasing after it. Check in tomorrow! Thanks to Noa Smallwood for the awesome pictures!!

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