What a difference a day makes!

Supercross Cup Day 2

Flash back to 1 year ago. Day 1 of the 2014 edition of the Supercross Cup. No UCI points, deep in the scrum. Crash in the first 15 seconds of the race, get up, chase chase, chase. Flat. Pit. Chase, chase, rear derailleur in the spokes. race over. Frustrated, hurt and wondering if I would ever get a UCI point. 

Day 2, 2014 edition. Dead last call up. Start, pass people, tangle in a turn. Dead last again. Chase, pass, ride hard. 6th!!!! Huge result and a big turn around from the day before. It was the start of a run of results at the UCI level and a drop in the “never give up” bucket. 

So after day 1 of the 2015 edition, where I had two flats and no spare wheels available, I was hoping for the same good fortune as the year before. But everything had to go absolutely right. My main man Myles couldn’t make it this weekend, and I wasn’t able to organize help so I had none in the pit. Unfortunately, the cuts in my tires were too big to seal so I only had an MXP (medium tread) on my A bike and my pit bike was sporting the Clement LAS file tread on the rear. The courses defining characteristic was slick so having to pit would be a death blow for a result.  

Conditions were very slick. It was so crucial to stay calm and cool because the slowest way around the course would be falling down. Coming from a "roadie" background, my modus operandi was get gapped through technical, muddy, slick sections, then blast the road/pedaling sections. This “works” to a point, but it is frustrating to watch people who aren’t as strong ride away from you. But as my focus changes to be more cyclocross specific, I’ve been focusing on gaining that free speed that being proficient technically allows. 

Mentally, I put the most focus on getting through the steep ride ups, and muddy soup as smoothly as possible and let the pedaling parts take care of themselves. And it worked great! While I was gapped in the mud from the lead 3, I was able to hold my own and stay away from riders who have bested me in conditions like yesterdays. It is very gratifying to see the work come to fruition. 

Finishing 5th was amazing. And to have so much positive messages come after a frustrating day one was amazing. So thank you. And thanks for reading! 

Ben FrederickComment