Supercross Cup Day 1

Gonna keep this short and sweet. I've had bad luck with flat tires this week. After 3 this week, (including one of my tubulars) I hoped to get all of my flatting out of the way. But today, I managed to flat both rear tubulars on my bikes. Wasn't able to finish the race because the neutral support was out of wheels, and I hate to quit!! 

The course was pretty rad. There was some slick mud, some deep mud, Pro only section, and just plain hard riding. 

Last year, I had similar luck on day one, flatting, then blowing up my rear mech on my pit bike. But day 2 got 6th! Hoping to have same luck this year! Fortunately, I think my tubulars sealed up with Orange Seal. I really hope so any way, because if not, Ill have to use file treads! <---not ideal.

Pictures below are by Noa Smallwood.  

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