If you are just making your way over to my site from the CXhairs Radio Podcast, Welcome! Its great that you decided to come take a look at what I have going on. This "BLOG" tab is where I keep up with readers, giving insight from each day of racing during the weekend as well as a section during the week called "What I ride Wednesday". 

If you're wondering what this podcast is that I speak of, check it out here.


"Why should I care about you?" Well, great question. I have an interesting story. I've come back from a fractured T8 Vertebrae, then coming back AGAIN, from a knee injury, then after 2 months off the bike last season, going top 20 at the National Championships in Austin. Now, I am back, healthier than ever, and want to continue writing my story. I have a dream goal of making the Cyclocross World Championship team by 2018 and this is the beginning of that journey. I hope you tag along.

By no means am I the end all, be all when it comes to cyclocross. In fact, I am learning new things every weekend that I want to share with you guys! I do my best to give context to the results and tell a story. 

I started this team to challenge people to be the most epic versions of themselves. It doesn't matter if you are top 10 in the world, or coming to your first cross race, or even know what cyclocross is. This team is beyond stereotypes, age, gender, type of bike, type of racing. It's about inspiring change and telling a cool story along the way. I've put everything into this team and it has made it possible to reach goals that were in the dream realm. The support of the cyclocross community has been amazing and thanks to you, the community, I can ride with the best in the country. So thank you! 

So take a look around the site! Read past blogs, check out my amazing sponsors, and see if I am coming to a city near you! I would love to meet you. And if you feel so inclined, donations are what keep this boat floating. Anything at all will go directly to getting me to races. 

So, thanks for reading! And until next time, keep it rad!


Photo: Douglas Graham/WLP

Photo: Douglas Graham/WLP