What a Holy Week of Cyclocross

Providence Day 2 and Holy Week Recap

20th place. Clement LAS 28/28 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette http://www.strava.com/activities/406640199/segments/9757106700

What can I say, Holy Week was amazing. Yeah, I didn't get the results I was hoping for at the UCI races, but I managed a podium at Night Weasels Cometh. I took a step back and enjoyed the cross races, took some pictures, played pro cyclist for a week. Met some awesome people, hung out with old friends that I only see in races and loved every minute of it. 

Today was a decent day on the bike. The side I lined up on was the slow side in the start, so I had to fight back from the 50's. The Clement LAS I used were so fast, and I was able to ride up to and through riders. It was a dry fast day, compared to the sloppy conditions that we thought were coming for us. At the end of the day I came in 20th, but the lap times were very promising compared to the top 10. 

Now I am heading home for some R&R and resetting for Charm City, only 2 hour drive (compared to 9 hours to NE). I hope you enjoy the pictures from today. Thanks so much to everyone who cheered for me in person, or online. You all are huge motivation. 

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