Best UCI C1 Finish!

Providence Day 1 UCI C1

19th place. Clement PDX 29/29 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Providence is awesome. Huge event, and the spectators and organization were amazing. Course was super hard (hardest of the season so far) and it was a blast. 

Festival of color

Thanks to the funds raised, I was able to fly my good friend and mechanic Myles out to help wrench this weekend. He makes sure things are dialed on the bikes and keeps me accountable with schedules. It allows me to get out of the venues a good 45 minutes earlier, which is 45 minutes more recovery time. Also, I can race with abandon, knowing he is in the pits, ready to assist however needed. And that hat. 

Attention to detail

After a fast, fast, start, the whole race came to a stand still under the big run up, less than a minute into the race. I literally stood in the same place for 10 seconds, then casually strolled up the hill, then back to full gas. The rest of the race was about moving up whenever possible and keeping it fast in the turns. 

Made it to a group that included Todd Wells and Ryan Trebon, battling for the top 10, when a crash in front of me caused me to lose the group. But I am super happy with how I rode, and the lap times I put in were consistent through the whole race. Really pumped to see what is in store for day 2. 

Thanks for reading!

Ben FrederickComment