What I ride Wednesday! (Drive Train)


For this weeks What I ride Wednesday, we are going to look at the drivetrain of my Ritchey Swiss Cross. 

This year, I choose to run SRAM Force CX1. Last year, during the very muddy day's, I found I would stay in my small ring. Even in the dry, fast days, I never used the full extent of the range a double chainring set up provided. 

SRAM provides neutral support at most of the UCI races I attend, so having the ability to go straight to the source if something goes wrong is awesome. They have already helped me out when I broke my left brake lever. I am proud to have them on my kit. 

What I like about SRAM, is the tactile feel of the shift. It's loud, its mechanical, and I love it. This year, I have only been running a 42 tooth with an 11-32 cassette. Ive been able to train and race on this gear ratio, which honestly was a bit of a surprise. The only issues I've had spinning out the top end during training is when I have to do long tempo sets over rolling terrain. The 42-32 is equivalent to a 36-28 which I ran on my double set up, so there aren't many climbs I can't get up with that ratio. 

During some intervals, I do miss having a closer jump between the gears in the back. But for a long zone two ride, I barely notice the jumps in the gears, and rarely in a race. 

Honestly, I haven't dropped a chain this year (knock on wood) and the clutch system on the rear derailleur makes the bike super quiet, even in the rough stuff. There have been transition sections of courses where guys have to pause an extra pedal stroke to make sure their shift to the big ring happens smoothly. All I have to do is click click click, and I'm gone. 

One last benefit, is it makes the bike look super clean. Which is the most important. 

Believe the hype. CX1 is a dedicated cross drive chain. 

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