What I ride Wednesday (Brakes)

Paul Components 

Upon a strong recommendation from the guys at Ritchey Logic, I chose to ride Paul Component Brakes. This year, I stayed with rim brakes because I was already dealing with having more weight in the frame. I also have spare rim brake wheelsets, and I use a Powertap G3 for my power in training. I thought I was sacrificing braking performance, but I was totally wrong. In the words of Sean Coffey over at Ritchey, These are disc killers. 


Up front, I ride the Mini-Moto. Paul's take on the Mini "V" not only has massive stopping power, but show stopping good looks. I put some standard brake shoes in to make changing brake pads easier. I have to make sure to toe in the brake pads because the brakes are just that strong. With the exception of a hard corner, or steep decent, I am using one finger to control my speed. I thought this was only in the realms of discs. 

Out back I use the Touring Cantilever. Why don't you run Mini-Motos front and rear? Because the Mini-Moto is just too strong. It would lock up the rear wheel too easily. The Touring Canti's gives me the stopping power I need, with excellent modulation. Again, I can use one finger the majority of the time. 

The machining of the brakes is gorgeous, and really complement my Swiss Crosses. Want the power of disc brakes but the respect of the people in the know, get you some Pauls! 

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