Enter Sandman

HPCX Day 2

11th place. Challenge Limus front, Clement PDX rear, 27/28 psi. 42 tooth chainring with 11-32 cassette

HPCX is a race that I haven't been able to figure out. Its on a hill, so has a few really hard pedaling climbs which are good for me, but coming down from those climbs has a lot of hard turns/roots/technical work. I found myself losing a half a second here, a half a second there, then having to do a lot of work to close gaps in the pedaling parts. 

And don't get me started about the sand!

I want to pause here and let you guys know that the general feeling of this blog may come off as negative and frustrated. Its because I am a little frustrated and given last weekends AMAZING result, I had high expectations for this weekend. With that said, there have been a lot of supportive messages from folks reminding me that "Babe Ruth didn't hit a home run every weekend." No point in wallowing in what happened, because it happened. Take away the things that you can change for next time, and apply them moving forward. Moving forward being the key. 

And now! Back to your regularly scheduled race report. 

I had a FRONT ROW START!!! AT A UCI RACE!!! It was a very special moment for me. I had a decent start, on the back of the group that contained the top 10. I was worried about my legs, so I did my best to ease into the race. There were two sand pits that ultimately decided my race. One, downhill, fast, grip it and rip it. If you hit the lines right, you would come out with a ton of speed. Hit the lines wrong, come to a stand still, or even crash. The other, uphill, headwind, deep for 2/3 then fast the last 1/3. It was much trickier to make it across and if you ran, you lost 5 seconds easily. 

After the second lap, I didn't leave enough space into the second sand pit and rode up on the rider in front of me, and was forced to dismount and that opened the gap to the top ten. I clawed it back over the next lap, but had another bad lap through the sand, and that was it. Stuck in the worst spot in a UCI race (Besides the ground). 11th place. I rode as consistently fast as I could but wasn't able to reconnect with the group in front, always around 10 seconds up. And thats how the race finished. 

All in all, a tough weekend, but still, I got to race my bike in the sunshine with my friends, so perspective. Thanks for reading, seriously. It makes it worth sharing my weekend with you. Until next time,