Move on

HPCX Day 1

16th place. Clement MXP 30/30 psi. 42 tooth chainring with 11-32 cassette

Pit Passes

I want to start off with an apology. I had an awesome blog written, a super detailed "day in the life" of a Plant Based Athlete. As it was posting, the hotel internet pooped the bed, and lost the whole blog. Now its close to bedtime and I want to sleep so I am going to do a quick bullet point version of today's race. I owe you.

  • Great start. Almost took the holeshot, pretty amazing. 
  • Slotted in 7th for the first lap and a half. Legs weren't awesome, so just tried to roll with it, hoping they would open up.
  • Hit a turn, roll tubular. Just passed the pits so put the tubular back on the rim and limp it around the course back to pit two.
  • Get pit bike and chase like hell for two laps.
  • Legs hurt. 
  • Suffer.
  • Roll in 16th

Today was not the best day. Days like these make it easy to go down the rabbit hole of what did I do (or not do) this week to have less than optimal legs? But, that doesn't help when you need to move along and look forward to the next day. So a little Harry Potter, an epsom salt bath and an early night are just the ticket. Onward to tomorrow, and thanks so much for reading.