Racing for the win

Charm City Cross Day 2

4th place. Clement LAS 30/30 psi. 42 tooth chainring with 11-32 cassette

4th place again! I am super happy about the result, especially because I felt more involved with the dynamics of the race today, opposed to being a spectator in 4th wheel yesterday. 

Awesome Photo by Kitestring Studio

Awesome Photo by Kitestring Studio

Curtis White, Jeremy Durrin, Cameron Dodge, and Travis Livermont hit it really hard from the start of the race today. So I had to go into slow, steady chase mode to make the group. Cameron dropped back, and over the first 4 laps, we worked our way steadily up to the leaders. Then for the next few laps, things settled into a solid, albeit not super fast pace, allowing Justin Lindine and Anthony Clark to latch back on, making it a group of 7. 

Going into the quadruple sand section the penultimate time, I made an attack and actually led a UCI race! Most of the racing Ive been doing this year is racing as hard as possible to make up positions, and the efforts are pretty steady. Racing for the win has a different feel tactically, with some laps going 20 seconds slower than our fastest lap at the end. This explosive part of racing is something Im still working into, so it was very important to keep the pace high. Going up the last big climb, Cameron Dodge and Curits White hit it really hard, Livermont following and I was not quite able to stay on the wheels. An almost race ending dab in the last half lap took me out of the podium chances, but I had plenty of power to hold off a chasing Durrin, Lindine and Clark. 

The support on the course was amazing, and it was very special to race as the local boy, on a steel bike, giving the grass roots people someone to cheer for. People were so impressed with the dynamic nature of the race and I am so happy that we put on a show. Thanks again to Eric and Edwin Sloman for manning the pits for me today and keeping me cool and collected during the race. Until next time, keep getting rad.