Charm City Cyclocross Day 1

4th place. Clement LAS 30/30 psi. 42 tooth chainring with 11-32 cassette

beyondCX at its finest. 

Wow! Today was special. After getting my teeth kicked in up north, I did everything in my power to be as rested and ready for this weekend as I could, and it paid off! Its the little things that make the difference and Im gonna throw some out right now. 

1. Having my mechanic Myles Hanger with me. After Nittany, and flying him up to Providence, we have gotten our system dialed. It is a huge benefit to have someone look after your bikes, getting them dialed. I mean Dialed. Then having the support in the pit, as well as tearing down camp after races makes such a big difference. 

2. Having the Bicycle Outfitters mega van. I want to race at the pro level, and having the ability to have a pro vehicle, done up with bike hangers, plenty of room, and a canopy is clutch. My little Honda is good, but being able to spread out is amazing. Thanks guys

3. Knowing there is a cush hotel waiting for you after the race. Saw Armor helped me get a nice, quiet place to recover and rest and refuel between the races. I can't thank them enough. 

4. Bikes, bikes, bikes. Ritchey has helped me two amazing, dialed, identical bikes and wheels. I feel confident lining up that I have the best equipment under me. 

5. An amazing coach. Blair Berbert has been working with me for coming up on 5 years. He's been able to set me up to have great legs at just the right time, and kept me motivated when things aren't working. Thanks. 

How it went down. A soft course and thick grass was going to make today a very challenging day. It was very easy to go too deep and blow up in different places on the course. Doling out your effort was crucial. For the first 3 laps, I was in a group 8-13th, just off the lead group of 7. As the race drug on, I was able to follow wheels up to the lead group and have the legs to go around people who popped off. With 4 to go, it was myself, Curtis White, Anthony Clark, Travis Livermont and Cameron Dodge. With 3 to go, Anthony had a mechanical and it was just me and the big 3. I stayed patient and only did enough to stay in the group. With a lap to go, Cam hit it hard, followed by Curtis. I stayed on Livermont's wheel, and we slowly drug back up to the leaders by the sand pit, 2 min from the finish. On to the road, Travis passed Cam, and I closed, but didn't quite make it around. Curtis won and it was an amazing race. 

I have to thank everyone at the course who cheered for me. It was amazing to have the support around the course to buffer the pain in my legs. Tomorrow is another day and I CAN NOT WAIT!!

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