What's a Night Weasel?

Night Weasel Cometh

3rd place, Clement PDX 26/25 psi. 42 chainring with 11/32 cassette https://www.strava.com/activities/404138401/

With a crazy amount of rain fallen, and more in the forecast, I was trepidatious about going to a night race, unsupported. But one of the things I really need to work on is riding in the mud, so I sucked it up, and headed up to Shrewsbury Mass for The Night Weasels Cometh. This race is a long standing race that happens on a ski slope, at night, on the Wednesday of Holy Week. It was full of climbing, descending, and lots of awesome folks yelling at us from the sidelines and beer tent. The atmosphere couldn't have been better and it was a nice change from the intensity of UCI racing. 

The mud never materialized, so the race ended up being pretty dry, almost tacky. I didn't even have to wash my bike afterward. My game plan was to stay upright, pedal as hard as I could on the uphills, and really push myself to gain speed on the downhills. 

The holeshot was sketchy to say the least. Bright lights illuminated us on the starting grid, but when the whistle went off, we sprinted into the night, blindly hoping we didn't hit the pothole on the left, or the giant rock on the right. The race settled in on the first climb and Justin Lindine took off like a rocket. I was in 15th in the first few turns but calmly made my way through traffic, getting lucky to avoid 3 crashes that I was second wheel to. I ended up having a really good battle with Mark McConnell from Hot Sauce Cycling for 2nd. The last 3 laps were fast and he was riding super strong. 

Katie Busick with the awesome photo! 

After a too hard remount on the barriers, my saddle slipped nose to the sky, and I lost about 15 seconds trying to either sit on the front to get it down, (would go down too far) or sit on the back (too far back) I even stopped and hit it with my fist, but I couldnt get it level. My back screaming, I rode the last two laps hanging off the back of my bike, trying to dodge lap traffic and claw my way back to McConnell, but to no avail. Still, 3rd at Night Weasels is pretty rad. 

This was such a cool race, and totally worth it to do. I can't wait to come back next year. Kudos guys.

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